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Things I'll be focusing on in 2022

Things I'll be focusing on in 2022

I've been following the To-Do kind of way to easily track down my steps to achieve the goal. So why shouldn't we just try to implement that procedure to learn something new?

So here I come with my list to focus on this whole year. You also can use this list as your list and I'm not being biased to some Tools it's just my way to gt into these tools.

Tailwind CSS

For a year I've been using SASS as my styling option for almost any of the projects ( Frontend ) but recently I've learned about Tailwind and it just won my attraction to use it on my projects as its way too light than bootstrap. The beauty of tailwind is unlike Bootstrap it doesnโ€™t impose design specification or how your site should look like, you simply bring tiny components together to construct a unique user interface.


Today I guess for every single type of Website there's a specially dedicated type of Frontend React Framework. Recently there's a new React Framework that's been specially designed for the E-commerce Web Apps to get the React Developers easy access to the React.js library to develop the E-commerce Apps also with the Power of Static Site Generation ( SSR ), And also I just gave this in my priority list just because I was in the mood for it.


Everyone knows that typescripts' have the special ability to save your time logging out to the console and many others while being in the development only. So that is important for me now as I don't want to spend most of the time logging into the console if I have the tools which can save that time. Also BTW I do have an Article on the brief intro to the Typescript available here Overview on Typescript which can also be accessed on my Blog App


Enough of using SQLite3 Moving on to PostgreSQL for the Web Apps and Firebase for the Mobile Apps Period.

Prisma 2

Prisma 2 is a tool that allows us to write DB queries using JavaScript and TypeScript. Then Prisma will map the queries written in our chosen Language into our desired DataBase which makes Developers easy to Develop as we then don't have to write the Database queries ( Just Develop the Logic that's all ).


AWS is the best cloud infrastructure ( as a student as it only costs Rs. 1 for an entire year ). Not gonna miss this opportunity to learn cloud.

Web3 and Blockchain

Just learning this to coup up with the Modern Tech stack also because you're not a developer if you can't share your view on Twitter with the current Booming Tech.

Honorable mentions

  • Watching Anime
  • Gaming
  • Starting a YouTube Channel
  • Strating Gaming Stream on

Dev Ops

Recently I've been chosen as a lucky Twitter user by codedamn for accessing their Dev Ops course which is for Rs. 999 for free can't miss this chance as they expect something from me if they have chosen me for this. Can't let them down.

Game Dev

Just to try something new and also to express what type of game I like learning to develop it and make it playable in real life.


The most important thing on my list.

As I've been developing my Mobile Apps with Flutter as it already has some kind of animations but still it lacks the majority of the Animations which Most of the Apps have.

So to at least make my App more usable I want to focus more on the Animations rather than the Languages.


So finally with all these things, I'll be focusing my entire year on being productive and Studying ( M.C.A. ) the most as hard as I could, and also I'll be writing Blogs as many as I can ( with valuable stuff trying not to spam your Mailbox ).

Thanks for reading this out.
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George Johnson

Great list. The only thing I'd say is that is big list, I'd pick out the top 5 that seem the most exciting and then you'll maintain your passion for those when the "honeymoon" period starts to end and the motivation gets harder to keep up.

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Nice plan! Thanks

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Great plan! I share with you Gaming, Mobile and DevOps interest. Might enrol in a few courses the following months...

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{ Aman }

Drp down your username for gaming ( if you play eSports )

Btw I'll recommend you to go on with Codedamn's devops course as i recently completed it, he have the best course i guess

walterwf profile image

Thanks for the comment, will try CodeDamn course. I'm into MMORPG!
I checked Codedamn course, seems to be unavailable at the moment.

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{ Aman }

Okay It's my fault

That course is currently under early preview for members. They'll be releasing for everyone soon.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
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{ Aman }

Same with me too

I was having error of data not able to pass and that was just error in js and I thought that my complete backend ( custom ) was shit

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Bilal Amin

Great picks and Good luck!

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{ Aman }

TQ buddy