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My 100 Days Of Code Journey

Round 1 Complete! 🔥 🔥

I've just completed my 100 Days of Code challenge and wanted to share my experience and how it helped me 💪

I'd like to also give my thanks for the support from the dev community on Twitter where I posted! 🙏

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What is the 100 Days of Code Challenge ❓

Essentially, the 100 Days of Code challenge is a challenge where you code for a minimum of an hour a day for 100 days and record your progress by posting on Twitter.

You can find more information about it here if you'd like to try it!

My Thoughts 💭

To start, I can say confidently that for me this worked pretty well! I started this because I wanted to be more motivated to write code consistently and this stood out as a great challenge to help me with that. At this point, I'd already seen people posting some really amazing work and progress on Twitter 😍

Over time, I began to code more often even if only for an hour a day and I did a lot more projects than I would have. For example, I finally got around to learning and completing a few different CSS Illustrations during these 100 days

Here are some examples:

Nintendo Switch

Throughout the 100 days, I've learned new things and have also been able to brush up on some core coding skills. I could feel my heightened motivation to code in order to complete and stay disciplined to the challenge. All the support from everyone was really amazing! Such an awesome community that I've been able to connect with even more due to this challenge 🙌

A quick note, my work would range from projects, tutorials, just reading for the day, or no work at all. I don't believe we have to code every day as we all need rest days for our mental health 😴

So...where to now?

This is a challenge I'd highly recommend for everyone to try! I really enjoyed doing this and learned a lot during these 100 days so now off to start Round 2! 😁

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The Nintendo switch is so perfect 😍😍! Didn't know you were so great at css arts 👍👍.

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Lu-Vuong Le 🚀 • Edited

Thanks! 😁

I did a few during the 100 days of code and they were pretty fun to do! I definitely want to try to do some more when I start round 2 💯