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I Used GitHub's Profile README Feature

GitHub has a new profile README feature that lets you put a README file at the top of your profile so users can see information about you like a mini bio, portfolio space, contact me page, or anything you want. The reason I said that is was "secret" is because it is a secret feature that has been blogged and written about all over social media now, so the cat is kinda out of the bag.

GitHub README Generator

I first started seeing web development website talking about it on Twitter. Then I saw Monica Powell tweet her blog post about the new feature. After going through her post and a bunch of articles, I saw a GitHub Profile README Generator from Rahul Jain.

It was simple and easy to use. I really recommend it. If you are looking to try it, use his generator. You can also look at Monica's site for step by step instructions on how to add it to your GitHub repository as well as see examples from other developers.

GitHub README Generator

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Great article! Thanks for sharing 👏

Do checkout this profile:

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Shravan Kumar B