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Trying out KDE

Trying out the KDE Plasma desktop. Compared to the earlier KDE versions it's improved a lot.

The search menu that's in the start menu is very good. Any modern desktop or window manager doesn't work well without a good search option.

kde plasma

Compared to LxQt the feel is quite similar. It just has more features than LxQt. There's a demo of the KDE plasma desktop here:

Install KDE

If you want to try it out, you can install Kubuntu (an ubuntu variant) or install it from the terminal

    $ sudo apt install tasksel
    $ sudo tasksel install kubuntu-desktop

That's it, now logout and login again.


Overall it does the job, not a fan of the Konsole, so switched over to another terminal emulator. The konsole looks like this:

well, I prefer somethign like this:

But as for the desktop, doesn't matter much.

The memory usag is quite low, 256MB memory use. In an age where you can easily get a few gigs of memory, that's nothing.

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