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Embold to integrate with Codesphere to bring advanced code analysis to the cloud

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Embold!


Embold offers a static code analysis tool that checks your code for bad coding practices, antipatterns, and style issues so you know exactly where to start debugging. We also plan to integrate the embold ai code completion and automatic documentation as part of our vision for the future of the Codesphere IDE. We hope to assist the programmer in their coding style as well as to predict and prevent errors.

When we first met with founders in late 2020 we were immediately impressed with the capacity of their systems for deep code analysis. It also excels at showing coupling, bad architecture, and the quality of real (not syntactic) code patterns. Our aim is to provide a complete development experience with everything our users love in their home environment but without any of the setup or installation. Collaboration with, and the integration of, tools like Embold are helping us get closer to that vision every day.

We look forward to implementing the embold solution to our IDE in the near future.

In the meantime, check out Embold to help improve your code!

And of course, happy coding from Codesphere, the most intuitive cloud provider on the market.

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