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Muhammad Ahsan Ayaz
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🔥 Announcing the "Angular Cookbook"

*Taking a deep breath in relief.... Sigh!
I'm really, really happy today on becoming a worldwide published Author. The 🅰️ngular Cook🅱️ook has been released today to both the Packt store and on the Amazon store as well.

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Cookbook What?

If you are an 🅰️ngular developer and are always thinking what are the best
practices for this, and that in Angular, this is a book that I've written JUST
! I've been working with Angular for more than 8 years to the point
where Google acknowledged myself as a
Google Developers Expert in Angular. And I've
compiled over 80 recipes that every Angular developer should know. Be it
Component Communication, Performance Optimization, Routing Strategies,
or even Progressive Web Apps with Angular, I've got you
covered with more than 600 pages of 🅰️ngular goodness! 😎

A sneak peek at the content

Open the following link to see a sample of the Kindle version (PDF).

What will you learn through this book?

✔️ Gain a better understanding of how components, services, and directives work
in Angular

✔️ Understand how to create Progressive Web Apps using Angular from scratch

✔️ Build rich animations and add them to your Angular apps

✔️ Manage your app's data reactivity using RxJS

✔️ Implement state management for your Angular apps with NgRx

✔️ Optimize the performance of your new and existing web apps

✔️ Write fail-safe unit tests and end-to-end tests for your web apps using Jest
and Cypress

✔️ Get familiar with Angular CDK components for designing effective Angular

Who this book is for

The book is for intermediate-level 🅰️ngular web developers looking for
actionable solutions to common problems in Angular enterprise development.
Mobile developers using Angular technologies will also find this book useful.
Working experience with JavaScript and TypeScript is necessary to understand the
topics covered in this book more effectively.

Should you buy a copy?

YEAH, of course. How'll I get rich otherwise?

Screams internally image

Just kidding 😄. I have spent a lot of time learning lots of techniques with
Angular. For the most part, it's easy peasy. But some things you always learn
the hard way. And I'd never want anyone to unnecessarily spent extensive
time to go learning those techniques. The purpose of this book is to make the
process easier for you to become an Expert in developing Enterprise
applications with Angular.

Grab your copy today

Get it from Amazon

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