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Best book to crack coding interview- Cracking the coding Interview

If you really want to crack coding interviews so you have to prepare for them. So today we have something special for you.
Cracking the Coding Interview, 6th Edition is here to assist you thru this process, teaching you what you would like to understand and enabling you to perform at your absolute best . Author have coached and interviewed many software engineers. The result's this book.

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Solutions for Cracking the coding Interview

Answers in Java are contained directly in this repo and are the same solutions found in the book. Solutions in other programming languages are contributed by the community and each have their own dedicated repos which are referenced from this repo as git submodules. What this means for cloning:

Solutions are here for Cracking the coding interview 6th-Edition : Github Download!

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While it's a good book, I would not recommend this for beginners. You need to have a decent understanding of data structures (Arrays, LinkedList, Trees, Graphs etc). This is a book to learn about the problems which you might encounter in the above set of problems.

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gaurav pandey

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