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Create a Amazing Movie Website Using HTML CSS Javascript

How to build a responsive movie website using html css javascript

In this video, I will show you how to build a (mobile-first responsive) movie website using html css and javascript.

Live Website
Github Repo

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Download the starter file to practice

⏱️ Timestamps

0:00 - Demo
5:50 - File structure
6:19 - Project initial
10:47 - Header
26:25 - Hero section
37:18 - Upcoming movie section
54:31 - Service section
1:03:47 - Top rated movie section
1:13:53 - Tv series section
1:18:05 - CTA section
1:23:02 - Footer
1:38:11 - Movie detail page
1:51:18 - Media queries

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Top comments (7)

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Fadhaa Abd

Great job and you are an excellent web developer but this quick type of video is not enough for beginners who want to develop their skills in this field.

iulover99 profile image
The 99's Puppycat

You are good dev but I just hate this kind of video, they are just there for people to copy paste your code without any explanation whatso ever

starknight profile image

Actually people need that type of videos most(ig because they just want to copy paste and it will work) . But if someone wants to understand that then just go for documentation and if you are using vs code then now-a-days it's very easy to understand just take your mouse cursor where you want to understand that thing it will appear on your screen.

servatj profile image

Mimic is a good exercise combined with other courses more oriented on how it work:) Just my opinion !

starknight profile image


shibupandit profile image

can u work on real estate.. or any small business website... like normal day jobs for developer...

chris1993 profile image

This is also great