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5 Tips on How to Design a Successful MVP

This article was originally published on Codica blog.

A minimum viable product is intended to test whether users like the particular business idea. The visuals and structure give the initial impression of an app. In such a way, the proper MVP design can attract customers.

In this article, our design experts confide aspects that assist you in building an optimized and visually-appealing digital solution.

What is an MVP?

A minimum viable product, or MVP, is a first working version of a web solution with key functions that can appear on the market.

There are many reasons to create an MVP:

  • The core value. You can concentrate on key advantages that you offer to your target audience.

  • Сost saving. You develop only the basic functions of the MVP, so specialists spend less time and resources on developing the product.

  • Obtaining investments. With the help of an MVP, you show users’ interest in your project to investors. Thus, you have better chances to get investments.

  • Iterative approach. Such a method enables the agile team to progress step by step and test each feature.

  • Early feedback. As you deliver your MVP fast, the first users can give feedback on your solution's usefulness.

Why is a minimum viable product design essential?

The statistics show that enterprises that invest in design have a 36% higher revenue than enterprises that don’t. Therefore, if you want to thrive with your business, you need an efficient MVP design strategy.

MVP in design is the main concept of the Lean UX approach. The team should move in iterative steps and add the core functionality to the product. Thus, it assists in avoiding extra efforts.

MVP in design also comprises the concept of lean startup components: build, measure, and learn.

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At Codica, we adhere to the following phases when developing an MVP design:

  • Product discovery;
  • Prototyping;
  • Deliberations with the development team;
  • Inserting new features.

What does an MVP design comprise?

User experience (UX) design

Ensuring that customers receive an enhanced experience when using the solution is crucial. Therefore, it is the right idea to create a UX flow. It will show how the potential user moves through your product.

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Your research for the MVP UX design should comprise the following:

  • Interview with a client on the goals and scope of the project;
  • The market peculiarities research;
  • Customer research;
  • Analysis of the purchasing and usage paths.

User interface (UI) design

The survey demonstrates that a well-thought MVP UI design is a significant development aspect. With its help, you can build credibility in your brand.

A visually-appealing interface implies special attention to the following solution's UI elements:

  • Colors;
  • Icons;
  • Fonts;
  • Interface elements (fields, buttons, etc.)

This list comprises other elements depending on the specifics of an MVP design.

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The team for minimum viable product design

There are team members responsible for the visually appealing and optimized MVP design. Usually, such a team comprises:

  • Project manager;
  • UX/UI designer;
  • MVP developer.

5 MVP design tips

Tip 1: Include the key functions

To pick basic features for your minimum viable product, begin an MVP design with a product discovery process. This phase gives answers to the following points:

  • What is the value of the solution?
  • What is the field of the MVP?
  • What issues does it solve for users?
  • Who are the competitors?

Tip 2: Develop prototypes

Why are prototypes essential?

First of all, a prototype demonstrates the flow and structure of the app.

We recommend developing wireframes before prototyping. They show the future MVP software design most easily. Furthermore, in wireframes, you can add a few functions for each page or process.

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Also, discuss the wireframes with the client. Their feedback enables a designer to ensure that all essential features are included or how to optimize the design.

Tools for prototype building

There are a lot of graphic editors for developing prototypes. Several of them are the following:

Also, you can use apps specially intended for developing prototypes:

What functionality to add in a prototype

When designing an MVP prototype, begin with the most vital aspects. For instance, you can start by developing registration forms for users. After that, skip to the target actions. For example, purchasing, selling, and checkout are essential features for building an online marketplace.

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Tip 3: Discuss prototypes and flow with the technical team

When prototypes are finished, discuss them with the development team.

For example, developers can inform about a potential issue. Also, they can report how long it would take to develop a feature. In some cases, the team selects another feature for the MVP solution design.

Tip 4: Foresee the scalability of a project

The web solution should withstand high traffic loads. Also, it should involve users with new functionality. So, consider the growth and scalability of the project upfront when developing the MVP design.

For instance, when working on a messaging system, we add features in the following sequence:

  • A chat between two people;
  • The function of adding people to the chat;
  • Creating video call features.

Tip 5: Aim for good, not perfect

You shouldn't include complex features in the minimum viable product. In short, the Minimum viable product should be functional, convenient, and easy.

When developing an MVP, pick the proper scenario. Your interactive prototypes will assist you in looking through the entire app. When you see any options that mislead users, you should remove or replace them with proper ones.

Summing up

Designing an MVP is one of the vital factors that influence the business to thrive. The MVP design should be eye-catching and user-friendly. You can draw on the best practices and our MVP design advice to reach it.

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Thank you for the article, it provides a good overview of the concept of MVP development and its significance in the development of digital solutions. It effectively conveys the purpose of an MVP in testing the appeal of a business idea and emphasizes the importance of its design in attracting potential customers.