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How to Build a Job Search Website Like Indeed

This article was originally published on Codica Blog.

Digitalization forever changed the way companies search for new staff. Employers now can visit job-related websites, enter the position details, and choose relevant candidates. The most famous platform of such type is Indeed.

What makes it so special? Today, we will try to answer this question. You will find out what functionality a platform for job seekers needs. Finally, we will discuss three possible solutions to building a website like Indeed.

The definition of a job-related website

A job search website allows employers to publish their job openings and look for relevant candidates. Applicants, in their turn, can post their resumes and search for the desired vacancies there.

The key benefits of such a website are as follows:

Online CV. With this feature, employers no longer need to sort out resumes manually.

Job boards. Organizations use free and paid boards to promote their vacancies and target applicants with certain skills and experiences in a particular field.

Employer research allows job seekers to see the company profile, read reviews written by other applicants.

The functionality required for Indeed-like website

It is high time to choose the functionality for your job-related website that will make it convenient for both employers and applicants.

Functionality for employers:

Company profile
This feature gives companies a chance to post key information about their business. Applicants can see company’s reviews, salaries, benefits of joining the team, and photos there.

Below you can see the Amazon profile on Indeed. It provides users with valuable insights into the company’s activity.

Alt Text

Job listings
This is the core feature for the employers looking for new staff. The important details about the position such as job description, requirements, and responsibilities are specified there.

Alt Text

Employee search
A filtering system helps companies achieve the desired result in terms of new hirings.

The most popular filters are as follows:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Education level
  • Professional skills
  • Experience
  • Assessment (problem solving, verbal communication, customer service)

Alt Text

Functionality for job seekers:

Candidate profile
It allows users to register an account on the platform like Indeed. The most important information that should be filled includes an email address, password, location. After that, applicants can create a CV, a cover letter and apply to jobs.

Vacancy search
This feature enables candidates to specify their job requests based on such criteria as the salary level, company size, remote/in-office cooperation, etc.

Salary comparison
It gives candidates an opportunity to check the level of the rates for the specific position within a country, state, city, or different companies.

For example, the salary distribution for a Software Engineer position within the biggest corporations looks the following way:

Alt Text

Job application form
This functionality allows candidates to move to the final decision stage, which is sending a cover letter and attaching a CV.

How to create an online marketplace like Indeed: 3 solutions

Solution #1. Ready-made software

You may use the services of such software vendors as SmartJobBoard, Madgex, Russmedia Job Board, Recooty, Monster TMS. They will allow you to get a cloud job board solution in one click. The major benefit of this solution type is that you do not need to bother with hosting and upgrades, they are included.

What are other advantages and disadvantages of this option?


  • Specific knowledge and skills are not required. You can forget about coding, quality assurance, hosting, upgrades, and other technical side aspects of building a job board.

  • Relatively affordable price. Surely, this solution is not cheap, but the final cost will be significantly lower in comparison with custom software development.

  • Maintenance and support. You don’t need to think about bugs, crashes, and performance falls. These aspects are taken under control by the software provider.


  • Lack of customization. You may face issues related to building an individual template or adding new features. Customization comes down to using your colors and logos.

  • Limited control. Since the service provider is the platform owner, you cannot control the product’s performance. You are just a regular user.

In a nutshell, this option is a good choice if you want to launch a platform in the quickest time possible. It works well for small projects that don’t require a custom solution with a unique design.

Solution #2. Content management systems

Another popular option is to use CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress. These platforms offer themes and plugins that will help you create a website like Indeed.


  • Freedom of actions. Within the chosen template, you can customize most of the platform elements.

  • A lot of options. You can find a large number of themes and plugins, both free and paid.


  • Technical knowledge is required. Initially, you will have no problems with starting a platform even if you do not have any programming skills. However, if some crashes or bugs emerge, you will require technical skills to fix the issues, or will need to hire someone to help with them.

  • Low compatibility. If you build a website on Joomla, you cannot add some themes or plugins taken from other systems.

This option, as the previous one, allows you to launch your platform really fast. Still, you need at least minimal technical background to use it.

Solution #3. Custom software development

Finally, you can entrust your future employment platform to a reliable software consultancy or a team of custom software developers.

The pros and cons of this approach are as follows:


  • High scalability. In case you need to start fast, build an MVP product first. It allows you to verify your business idea and then improve your product based on users’ feedback. It means that custom software development gives you an opportunity to build a scalable architecture for further development.

  • Customized UX/UI. Tailored software will allow you to stand out from the competitors. You will create a unique user experience valuable for both employers and job seekers.


  • Time and pricing. Building a customizable platform salary is more expensive and time-consuming in comparison with other mentioned solutions.

  • Over the long-term, custom software development is the best option. Its high scalability and unique design allows you to scale your platform by adding extra features and providing users with the best user experience.


Now you have learnt what is a job-related website and defined its basic functionality. Besides, we have discussed three possible solutions for building a platform like Indeed.

For more information on the topic, check our full article How to Create a Job Search Website Like Indeed: 3 Fast Solutions

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