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State machine advent: The simplest state machine that will improve your code today (1/24)

As outlined in the introduction post, many bugs occur because we allow our applications to be in invalid states.

The concept of state machines is all about explicitly modeling your application states so they cannot be in an invalid state. Importing a new library like XState into your app can be intimidating, especially when already using another state management solution.
To get familiar with the concept of finite automata and to eliminate some low hanging bugs, you can create your first state machine with nothing but TypeScript and React.

import React, { useState } from 'react';

  'IDLE' = 'idle',
  'FETCHING' = 'fetching',
  'ERROR' = 'error',
  'DONE' = 'done'

const Todos = () => {
  const [fetchTodoStatus, setFetchTodoStatus] = useState<FETCH_TODO_STATES>(

  // Use setFetchTodoStatus in your event handlers or useEffect hook ...
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Instead of defining boolean flags like hasError, isFetching, you define an enum (or object if you are using JavaScript) with a declarative description of the current state. In conjunction with the useState hook, your app can only be in one of the three states at any given moment. This simple change eliminates tons of invalid states while also reducing the complexity of your code. 🎉

An example of an invalid state would be {hasError: true, isFetching: true} which should never happen at any given moment. Yet, if you were to use booleans, it could happen and ultimately lead to bugs.

About this series

Throughout the first 24 days of December, I'll publish a small blog post each day teaching you about the ins and outs of state machines and statecharts.

The first couple of days will be spent on the fundamentals before we'll progress to more advanced concepts.

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try setup(powered by concent) in react:
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function component and class component share business logic code easily.