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Before You Set 2021 Goals

Wait a minute!

We are at the period where everybody sets goals and as usual, a lot of people are setting goals already.

Before You Set Your 2021 Goals...

First, evaluate your habits or the situations that prevented you from achieving your past goals.

For example, if your main goal was to get a job, ask yourself these questions:

What habits deprived me of getting a job in 2020?

Possible Answers:

Maybe I didn't reach out to people and companies.

  • Why didn't I reach out?

i. I was afraid of rejection.

ii. I was scared my skills were not qualified.

iii. I was afraid my course of study were not relevant.

iv. I was afraid my communication skills were poor.

v. I depended too much on my family and their promises of getting me a job.

Step 2:

I reached out but didn't get any job interview.


Why didn't I get any job interview?


i. Maybe my CV was not relevant to the jobs' requirements.

ii. Maybe my CV has some errors.

iii. Maybe I didn't have required experience.

iv. Maybe I was not qualified in terms of skills needed.

v. Maybe I applied for few job vacancies (less than ten).

Step 3:


I got several job interviews but couldn't get any job offer.

why didn't I get any job offer?

Possible Answers:

i. Maybe I didn't do well during the interviews.

ii. Maybe I couldn't showcase my skills during the interviews.

iii. Maybe something was wrong with my communication and presentation skills.

iv. Maybe I didn't meet interviewers' expectation.

v. Maybe I knew little about the companies.

vi. Maybe I lack great connects.

Now, your focus should be on providing solutions to all of the problems you identified.

It is hard if not impossibble to achieve your goals without getting all those small things right on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Achievable Goals are always Related.

Let's use some goals as examples:

  1. Get a job that pays $200,000/annually.

  2. Network a lot by interacting with people online and offline.

  3. Start your own side business.

  4. Rent or Buy a house .

It is obvious that achieving one goal will help in achieving others.

Always Expect Unexpected:

Many people think they will achieve their goals easily but it is not like that in the real world.

Most things will not work as planned that is why you need to be strongly determined to achieve any reasonable things in the real world.

What are the things that help you in achieving your goals?

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