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How to Improve your Programming Skills

Whether you are a beginner or expert software developer, you probably find bugs in your code.

‌‌We all have bugs in our applications because no one knows everything about coding, and we sometimes make mistakes. After all, there is no way to stop being human.

‌‌Or can you show me how to develop a superpower? Ah alright then, never mind. :)

‌‌We can only study ourselves, our tools, and our bugs to find solutions that can help us be more efficient in reducing the bugs we create.

How can we deal with bugs?

There are three major ways to deal with bugs:

Prebugging: the reduction of bugs before they're created

Debugging: identifying, fixing, and removing bugs once you find them

Post-debugging: expecting unexpected or unknown bugs
Let's look at each one in detail.

Check it here:

How to Improve your Debugging Skills

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