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Advanced PHP Interview Questions 2020

Do you want to be a software engineer but finding it difficult to crack the interview? You might have an unnerving experience while facing interviews for being a developer. Prepare yourself for the best PHP Interview Questions 2020 with the most frequent asked real-world interview questions published by the Coding Tag. These PHP interview questions have been listed after many pieces of research. Thus, it will help you to set apart during the process of your hiring.
Some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below:
1- What do you mean by Zend Engine?
Zend Engine is basically used by PHP as a runtime engine as well as a compiler. It works in a way that the loaded PHP scripts are kept in the memory and then compiled in a Zend Engine.

2- Name some of the latest features introduced by PHP7?
• Some of the latest features proposed by PHP7 are as follows:
• AST-based compilation process
• Unicode codepoint escape syntax
• Return type declarations
• Uniform variable syntax and so on.

3- What do you understand by Magic Method in PHP?
Magic Functions in PHP are the functions that are being started by a double underscore. For instance “--------”

4- Name some of the Magic Functions used by PHP5?
A few Magic Functions used by PHP5 are listed below:
• Call()
• Sleep()
• Clone()
• Unset()
• Wakeup()
• Get()
• toString()
• construct()
• destruct()
5- What is mean by overloading and overriding in PHP?
Overloading in PHP can be defined as the function that is having the same signatures but different parameters.

While overriding in PHP can be considered similar to other OOPs programming languages. Simply, the parent and child classes while coding must contain a similar function.

So this is all about a few of the most frequent asked questions by the recruiters. Moreover, if you have an insight into the CSS language then it acts as a piece of cake for you to get the job. You can also refer to CSS Interview Questions to know about the interview questions.

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