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cloud software to transcribe speech to text

Voicer is a cloud software that transcribes speech to text.
Designed for hearing impaired people to communicate with their friends more easily. Or follow an audio conversation without any sound.

voicer speech to text demo

Voicer is a solution that takes your microphone input, transcribes it to text and broadcasts the text to your connected friends. It uses the Web Speech API which is currently only available in Google Chrome. It's secured through HTTPS/SSL and respects everyone's privacy, no data is stored nor shared with third-parties.


  1. Visit in Google Chrome:
  2. Allow microphone access.
  3. Choose your username, click submit.
  4. Start talking. It may help to speak loudly in phrases, not just single words.
  5. You will start seeing your words or sentences being transcribed into text.

You can freely use the demo url, or you can host this software on your own server.

Make sure to change the room ID in the URL to a more complex one if you wish to enjoy some privacy. Everyone who connects to the same room will see each other's texts.

use voicer even while gaming

  1. You can put your mobile device next to your computer screen to follow the conversation.
  2. You can use a second screen.
  3. Always-on-top tools such as Pennywise may help, but the microphone feature doesn't seem to work so it's only good for reading.

For more information:


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