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Watch Us Debug a Race Condition in a Brittle Cypress Test Live on January 3rd, 2019!

A few weeks ago, we asked the and broader programming community what programming problems they would like watch being solved on stream in a real-world context. ~40% of you wanted to see us solve a race condition and another 30% wanted to see us solve a brittle JavaScript feature test.

Seeing as Betsy and I are both "yes, and" kind of people (and there happened to be a really good representation of this in one of our technical coaching clients codebases) we figured we could show a race condition in a brittle JavaScript feature test!

If you have:

  • Struggled to figure out when, exactly, test data setup is being completed
  • Been baffled by an undefined or null value while chaining Promises
  • Deleted an end-to-end, browser feature test because "I can show the feature working when I do it, but the browser test is failing!"

Then RSVP to attend our free live-stream on January 3rd from 10 AM PT/1PM ET to 11 AM PT/2PM ET where we will step through diagnosing, debugging, and resolving a race condition in a brittle cypress feature test!

We're both pretty new to the streaming thing and want to limit our exposure to embarrassment; so we're requiring people to RSVP. Attendees will be sent an email a few minutes before the stream starts with a link to join.

We're hoping to record the screen, audio, and video stream for later, but… again.. We're new to streaming video. So no promises.

We'll be monitoring the #RealWorldCode and #UntanglingJS hashtags on Twitter before, throughout and after the stream and would love to hear your questions, thoughts, and insights!

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