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We're using Quiver in my research lab. It meets all of your requests and then some:

  • No manual structuring required. It supports Markdown, WYSIWYG text editing, even a subset of LaTeX. It has built in code formatting for code blocks.
  • Plays nicely with version control software since all the notebook content is stored as JSON. So you get a nice wiki-like presentation plus HTML/PDF output if that's what you want.
  • Hosted on premises? Sure. The JSON files go anywhere you want, including local storage, network storage or cloud storage.
  • No setup or configuration beyond installing the program.

The downside: it's MacOS only.


Quiver looks really solid, but I'm kind of flabbergasted by their choice of only offering MacOS. That seems like a real problem on lots of fronts. I know cross-platform is easier said than done, but it seems like a possible deal-breaker. And I say that even though our whole team happen to be MacOS users.

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