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clientsdb - A docker image with clients comments

Have you ever been looking for a ready to use database while doingtraining? Search no more, this docker is an image with a client review database dropped inside a postgre, to be used for teaching.

About the dataset

The titles and comments are extracted from this GoogleDrivelink that contains “amazon_review_full_csv.tar.gz”, which I discovered on the Amazon reviewdatabase Kaggle page. Then the two columns date and name being randomly generated in R.

Here is the coded used to generate the full table:

dataset <- fread("data/train.csv", header = FALSE, sep = ",")
names(dataset) <- c("score", "title", "comment")

nms <- paste(
  sample(charlatan:::person_en_us$first_names, nrow(dataset), TRUE), 
  sample(charlatan:::person_en_us$last_names, nrow(dataset), TRUE)

date <- sample(0:as.numeric(as.POSIXct("2010-01-01")), nrow(dataset), TRUE)
date <- as.POSIXct(date, origin = "1970-01-01")

  , `:=`(
    score = NULL,
    name = nms, 
    date = date

data.table::fwrite(dataset, "datasetwithusers.csv")

Launch and use

The main purpose of this image is to provide a “real life” tool for teaching databases use.


  • the POSTGRES_DB used is clients
  • the POSTGRES_PASSWORD isverysecretwow
  • the POSTGRES_USER is superduperuser

To launch the db, do:

# Might take some time to warm up
docker run --rm -d -p 5432:5432 --name clientsdb colinfay/clientsdb:latest

Then, for example from R:


con <- dbConnect(
  dbname = 'clients', 
  host = 'localhost',
  port = 5432, 
  user = 'superduperuser',
  password = 'verysecretwow'


[1] "clients"

res <- dbSendQuery(con, "SELECT score, title, name, date FROM clients LIMIT 5")

  score title name date
1 5 Fantastic Item Karolyn Wunsch 2003-01-02
2 4 Easy to Use, Great Value Wayland Langosh 2008-06-06
3 4 It works well! Fed Oberbrunner 1989-07-22
4 3 Meets a need Lora Yost 1976-04-13
5 4 Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record Valentina Harvey 1986-01-28


res <- dbSendQuery(con, "SELECT title, name, date FROM clients WHERE date = '1998-05-12' LIMIT 10")

                                title name date
1 underrated art Burgess Kuhlman 1998-05-12
2 Great product! Madelyn Bailey 1998-05-12
3 Disappointing, not correct. Scott Walsh 1998-05-12
4 The turtle says it all! Magdalen Strosin 1998-05-12
5 I took the TEAS and NLN. Rosie Bradtke 1998-05-12
6 Terrible. Lita Marquardt 1998-05-12
7 Harlan County History Clemon Effertz 1998-05-12
8 A flawed book, but a good subject. Amey Rutherford 1998-05-12
9 Worth every penny Debrah Keebler 1998-05-12
10 A light enjoyable read Dwaine Schneider 1998-05-12



And then stop the db.

docker stop clientsdb 

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