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Colin Fay

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{hexmake} is one of the 5 Grand Prizes of the 2020 Shiny Contest

Hey y’all!

I’m very happy to announce that my {hexmake} application has won one of the 5 Grand Prizes of the 2020 shiny contest, organized by RStudio!

{hexmake} is a pretty simple application when it comes to its idea: building hex stickers. But I wanted this simple idea to become a playground for showcasing more advanced {shiny} features: namely manipulating images with a live display, importing and exporting data with a specific file format (here .hex), and importing and exporting to an external database (here a MongoDB).

You can give {hexmake} a try, and read more about the Shiny Contest results on the RStudioblog. The source code of the application is at

You can also play with {hexmake} on your machine by installing it with:

# Install
# Run
hexmake::run_app(with_mongo = FALSE)

If you want to use a mongodb as a back-end, you can launch one using docker with:

docker run \
  -v /mongo/data/db:/data/db \
  -v /mongo/data/dump:/dump \
  -p 12334:27017 \
  -d --name mongohexmake \

Then launch the app using:

# Change these env variables to suite your mongo configuration
Sys.setenv("MONGOPORT" = 12334)
Sys.setenv("MONGOURL" = "")
Sys.setenv("MONGODB" = "hex")
Sys.setenv("MONGOCOLLECTION" = "make")
Sys.setenv("MONGOUSER" = "myuser")
Sys.setenv("MONGOPASS" = "mypassword")
hexmake::run_app(with_mongo = TRUE)

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