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Bring focus to things app

I love the app Things 3. I have been using it since it’s design update in (look up when Things 3 released).

My only problem with it is that it does have the ability to defer tasks or hide tasks until I can start them.

However, I’ve found a nice work around to only show the tasks that I’m working in right not.

I created a new tag called now.

Adding a new tag in Things tag manager

When I’m working on a task, I add the now tag to the task.

I add the now tag to my task

Then on the top of the page—usually the Today page for me—select the now tag to only show tasks that have that tag.

Filter tags to only now

I usually only add the tag to one task at a time. And more I don’t see any other tasks while I’m working on what’s important. This might seem easy or not that big of a deal, but not seeing clutter ready improves my focus.

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