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Creating EPC Barcodes with Report Generator List & Label

What is an EPC Barcode?

An EPC QR code is a data format standardized by the European Payments Council that contains all the data for a SEPA credit transfer and is machine-readable via QR coding. A brief description of the format can be found here:

The European Payments Council Quick Response Code guidelines define the content of a QR code that can be used to initiate SEPA credit transfer (SCT). It contains all the necessary information in clear text. These QR code guidelines are used on many invoices and payment requests in the countries that support it enabling tens of millions to pay without requiring manual input leading to lower error rates.

Procedure - How to Create Barcodes With List & Label

With List & Label you can easily create such a barcode by encoding the content according to the standard. A formula for such a barcode would be:

/* Service tag */
/* Version */
/* Character set */
"2" +chr$(13)+
/* SEPA Credit Transfer */
"SCT" +chr$(13)+
/* Recipient's BIC */
/* Recipient's name */
"combit GmbH"+chr$(13)+
/* Recipient's IBAN */
/* Amount */
/* Purpose, optional */
"CHAR" +chr$(13)+
/* Reference */
"" +chr$(13)+
/* Reason */
"Charity for combit"+chr$(13)+
/* Hint */
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The resulting barcode can then be scanned in all common applications:

Example EPC Barcode

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