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We had our first event for held at 8th Light, December 10th. I was super excited at everyone that showed interest, supported, attended, and sponsored us :) We took notes, and photos of those who presented, feel free to check out what was shown!


Artist: Hugh Sato

Project: The Mycelial Project

The project started with parsing data on Twitter for hashtags connected to the Arab Springs to understand the unspoken communication that lead to active role in a democracy. It ends with a method using technology to curate sound and data to choreograph dancers and participants through the generative patterns.

Hugh looking at television with images of dancer, cameras, installing equipment, and a room with ladder

Artist: Kevin Lesht

Project: 5 Minutes and a Flip

Summary: Kevin makes an omelet every day, but finds the task of updating his blog tedious. Instead of managing these steps manually he finds an automagical solution! Using DynamoDB, Ruby Lambda, Google Photos, and the homemade Parsley Patch.

Kevin talking in front of television with image omelet

Artist: Arianna Rudawski

Project: Audio Visualizer

Summary: What is soft? Textures are soft! Arianna explored textures and feelings with sound using openFrameworks. The music shapes the visuals so they react based on auditory data.

Arianna looking at television with abstract images

Artist: Dubi Kaufmann

Project: Penguin Simulator

Summary: Admiral penguins use a unique sound to find their chicks, this project explored that dynamic by asking the audience to text a number. Dubi used Twilio to call participants with a generated audio clip, the goal was to find the other person with the same unique audio clip. So everyone found their partner by seeking their audio partner!

People are seen walking around with smart phones in their hand, long tables are in the room

Artist: Eric Nesser

Project: Nissan AR App

Summary: The project was created for Nissan at Designory, it’s an augmented reality application that let’s dealerships display the car’s safety features without damaging a car to see them.

Eric looking at iPad with television behind them, a video of a red car is on the telvision

Artist: Brian Montana

Project: Processing Video Particles

Summary: Brian started learning how to program in Processing; an open-source graphical library and IDE built for the electronic arts. He used the built in methods to build on the particle systems using the video data to create different visuals.

Artist: Joe

Project: Camera Processing

Summary: Joe presented another camera modification using a timing delay on every row of pixels from video data. So the first row of pixels were delayed by the row’s index value in seconds. Next Joe showed off some explorations in TouchDesigner

Joe is looking at a laptop, an image of dots in an abstract shape is on a television behind them

Thanks you everyone!

I want to thank 8th Light for sponsoring us, Nicole Carpenter was extremely helpful in coordinating the space and food from 8th Light. Thank you Marvin for documentation, assistance, and photography of Thanks to all those who attended, and those who presented! Can’t wait to see you at the next!

8th Light logo on Plexiglas

Photo gallery of soft

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