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Conor Bronsdon
Conor Bronsdon

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INTERACT: The Interactive, Community-driven Conference for Engineering Leaders

INTERACT is the biggest thing Dev Interrupted has done yet. An interactive, community-driven, digital conference on September 30th — by engineering leaders, for engineering leaders. 1 day, 10 speakers, 100s of engineers and engineering leaders, all free.

Why attend?

  • Incredible speakers: You’ll hear from engineering leaders who have scaled teams — 4 VPs of Engineering, 2 CEOs, and 1 CTO — sharing their successes and failures.

  • It’s Interactive: We’re not just talking about live Q&A. Meet the speakers in Discord, vote to influence the sessions, share your opinions, and be part of real-time content discussions with other engineering leaders.

  • Continuous Community: Learning and growing doesn’t stop when INTERACT is over. The Dev Interrupted Discord Community has 1,500+ engineering leaders sharing ideas and helping each other every day.

Register Now

Speaker Lineup

  • Maria Gutierrez — VP of Engineering at Twitter

  • Einat Orr — CEO & Co-Founder of Treeverse (Former VP of Eng.)

  • Yaron Inger — CTO of LightRicks

  • Amir Hozez— VP of R&D at Intsights

  • Eyal Levy — VP of R&D at BigID

  • Ori Keren— CEO & Co-Founder of LinearB

  • Dan Lines — COO & Co-Founder of LinearB

  • Henrik Gütle — GM for Microsoft Azure at Microsoft Canada

  • Helen Beal — DevOps Institute Chief Ambassador

  • Nick Hodges — Dev Advocate, Dev Interrupted

Sessions and more information to be announced over the upcoming weeks — register now to save your spot.

🎉The #InteractDI Afterparty: Hosted by Dzone

Immediately following the event, join our growing engineering leadership community for an afterparty in Discord hosted by Dzone. Click here to join .

This event wouldn’t be possible without our Presenting Sponsor, LinearB , and our Presenting Partners, DZone , and .

Presenting Sponsor

About LinearB

Metrics alone don’t improve dev teams. Software Delivery Intelligence (SDI) helps dev teams continuously improve by turning insight into action. Unlike top-down engineering metrics tools which become shelf-ware, LinearB is a dev-first platform and provides value to every member of the team. Development organizations using LinearB’s SDI cut their Cycle Time in half after only 90 days. The result for developers is less bureaucracy, fewer interruptions, and more time to build. The result for teams is fewer process bottlenecks and accelerated delivery. Activate Software Delivery Intelligence for your dev team in 5 minutes at

Premier Partners

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About Dev Interrupted

Dev Interrupted is the premier community for software engineering leadership and continuous improvement. We publish our podcast weekly, maintain a Discord Community of more than 1,500 engineering leaders , host monthly events , including our new quarterly INTERACT conference , publish articles, create videos, and much more.

Originally published at on August 4, 2021.

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Dev Interrupted

Hell yes, can't wait to show you all what we have in store!

nickhodgeslb profile image

Loving the idea of speaking at this conference!

nobilitypnw profile image

That's an impressive speaker lineup. I may have to check it out!

linearb_inc profile image

Incredibly excited to be sponsoring this event!