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Corey Alexander
Corey Alexander

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Last night, I came up with an idea for the Hackathon, so today, I'm just doing some light reading and planning!

First, let us get some of the basic decisions out of the way. If you know me, you know I've been really enjoying Rust, so I considered it here. But in the end, I think for this Hackathon, Rails is gonna be better. I can stand things up quicker, and for a view counter correctness isn't my top priority.

For the Frontend, I think we will do some 'basic' Rails views; no frontend framework will be needed! If I am feeling fancy, I might try out some StimulusReflex at the end if I need any real-time frontend changes.
I'm also going to use Tailwind CSS for the styling since it's been a project I've been meaning to try out for a while, and this seems like a great time!

With those decisions out of the way, I'm ready to start diving in! I think I'm gonna wrap up for the day, though, and jump back in next time. Thanks for following along!

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