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Corey Alexander
Corey Alexander

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Welcome back to my series walking through my creation for this Hackathon!

Last time we got a Rails app setup, and added a Delayed Job that would hit the API and record article stats for all your articles on

We don't have a way to display any of this data yet, but I want to get this deployed and collecting data automatically so that when we create some views soon we already have some populated data!

Deploying with the Digital Ocean App Platform was pretty painless! Definitely will keep my eye on it for future projects. I gave a more in depth comparison in another post recently if you are interested. Digital Ocean App Platform vs Heroku

After getting this deployed, I manually enqueued the Delayed Job to record stats. And the end of each run it enqueues another job of the same type to run in 10 minutes. I call this snake-enqueueing as the last job in the cycle enqueues the first one, so it goes on forever.

Ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail in a classical style
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And from here I'm just gonna let it run! We'll work on making a UI next, but this will be collecting data for us in the background!

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

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