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How to get rid of all those non-javadoc comments in your Java project ✨

corradodellorusso profile image Corrado dello Russo ・1 min read

Have you ever met something like this in your legacy code?

 * (non-Javadoc)
 * @see java.lang.ClassLoader#loadClass(java.lang.String)

If you are a Java programmer from more than one millisecond i guess so. 😇

What is it?

It is the template Eclipse IDE used to generate when overriding a method from a super class. Legend tells it was a workaround for a bug in the JavaDoc generator when inheriting docs from the parent class.

Should i keep these as of today?

Long story short: No.
They're useless for robots and polluting for developers.


For JavaDoc generators, the only officially supported way to copy docs from a parent is adding following snippet right before the method signature:

 * {@inheritDoc}

Please notice the double star in the first line.


As developer i find this kind of boilerplate noisy other than actually meaningless. Writing something about the reason for overriding parent class would be more useful.

How do i clean it?

You can either use a light approach, deleting them every time you find one in your code. But i'd rather take the hardcore 🤘 approach, matching them with a regular expression.

Using your IDE (i've tested it with IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse) you can use the following regex to replace all the occurrences in path.


Always keep your code clean and readable!



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