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Translating life habits into software: Couchified

I'm almost comfortable saying that most of revolutionary ideas out there became "revolutionary" thanks to their capability of solving problems. Same goes for software.

The Problem

As i human being, i love to end my days on my couch, watching some TV shows from Netflix or Prime Video. I'm that kind that doesn't fall asleep while watching a movie, but once it finishes all i want to do is turning off the light. At the moment my setup does not include anything that makes my TV "smart". Content are streamed to my TV through HDMI cable, hence once i finish my movie i have walk to the PC to turn it off.


I'm too lazy to get off the couch.

Me at the end of the day.

The Solution

I wanted to create a simple hassle-free tool with nothing to install and capable of running basically everywhere.

Here is where Couchified was conceived.

You just start it on the host you want to control, and TA-DA you can control it from any other device capable of running a browser on the same network.

That's it!

Me after Couchified.

You can try Couhified here:

Of course this is just one of my side projects along with regular job, and it "just works".
There might be lot of work to do if someone would join my cause helping me being lazy! 😪

Every comment is appreciated!

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