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Boost your productivity with this tiny IntelliJ plugin!

As a developer i think our job is not just writing code but looking for the best way to do so. Writing good code usually takes a lot of searching on the internet. So every time i have a doubt on something, i have to select text i want to look for, open the browser and dig the internet until i find something useful.

So i thought, why i don't implement this directly in my IDE?

And that's how DevSearch for IntelliJ was born!

DevSearch it's a small plugin to search the right thing from the right context. If you select some text in the console, it will propose to search for it on StackOverflow. If you select a folder under node_modules, it will suggest to search for it on NPM. And these are just a couple of examples.

At the moment the plugin supports few integrations, but it's open source and lets you write your own integration with less than 10 lines of code!

Any contribution would be very appreciated.

Here are the links:

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