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I hate time tracking, so I tracked my time.

I really hate personal micro managing and time tracking, but I was intrigued by some of the stories a recent team meeting so I bought a little booklet today and decided to just add a 2-5 word log entry every time I did something, changed focus/context, or anything that kind of struck me as needing logging.

Here’s my favorite segment from the day:

10:00 - Begin deploy 1.18
10:15 - Complete deploy
10:19 - Revert deploy
10:25 - Attempt re-deploy
10:30 - Nope
10:37 - Found problem
10:42 - Redeploy
10:59 - Deploy again
11:06 - It worked!

Also this:

12:24 - Rant about idiots

It was a good day.

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Johannes Millan

:) very meticulous! You might like (hate) the tool I wrote for those things.