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Am I sabotaging my learning?

A few months back I started learning JavaScript. It was high on my list of “things to learn” to help achieve my goal of becoming a frontend developer.

As you probably are aware, JavaScript is not easy to learn. It’s complicated and forces you to think in ways that your brain has never had before. Learning JS is a commitment you have to make and requires a significant amount of your time.

My primary resource was (they are my go to learning on all web development subjects) and I actually went through their JS course twice. I was still confused so I pick up some other JS materials as well as started another JS course. My plan was to go through this second course and then just start building small projects.

But inevitably, I got sidetracked. When my web dev journey began I knew that one of the projects I wanted to do was build a website for my softball team (a passion project for sure). A few weeks back a marketing friend of mine (whom is also on the softball team) threw together an amazing website design.

Pretty sweet design, right?!

I decide the best way to build this would be with a CMS like WordPress (we wanted to easily be able to update the website quickly each week). So off I went to learn more about using WordPress and the theme builder Elementor.

Then I started down the rabbit hole of other CMS builders and “no-code” solutions, like Webflow. To me, these tools are amazing. Why wouldn’t I want to use something that allows me to build quicker and not have to worry about spending 2 hours hunting for a missing closing bracket or some other stupid typo.😋

So now I start thinking, “Man…. I could see myself being a freelance web designer/develeper with these sweet tools. I should probably find a course for that !”.🤔 Guess what? I bought one on Udemy and added multiple others to my “watch later” list on YouTube.

My list of courses and tutorials continues to grow. I’m at the point where I feel I’m sabotaging myself. I keep bouncing around on where I should spend my time learning. Do I learn JavaScript because I want to someday have a job that helps provide better for my family? But to help get that job I need “experience”. So I should probably freelance as a side-hustle to gain experience. Should my time be spent focusing on that???


Man rubs temples in confusion.

To make matters worse, my free time for learning is limited. Between working a full-time job, helping to raise a family, and only sleeping 6 hours a night already…. there is no extra time.

Whatever I choose to spend my time on, I feel guilty for not doing something else. I can’t win 😒. HELP!

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