Extremely minimal Windows dev setup

cosminpopescu14 profile image Cosmin Popescu ・1 min read

From time to time, my auntie asks me to go to her flat and look after the kitty and usually I don't take my laptop. I want to be able to write some code using her laptop in the fastest way.

After experimenting with multiple set-ups like XAMPP or any programming language + a database, I found out that the fastest setup is drum roll....

NodeJS (Javascript) + Visual Studio Code. Plus a few clicks on Next buttons :)

Seriously !

The installation of Node and VS Code took under 10 minutes and a short restart for updating the path and I was ready to go. At least for console applications, but this setup should be ok for web apps. Also, a database like PostgreSQL or MySql can be installed for persistence.

That's all for today folks !


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PS: This is my first post :D