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πŸš€ How to add Themis crypto-library to your app with 1 line of code

True true true. Using encryption correctly could be so super-easy, even if you are not a cryptographer.

With innovative teams in mind, we thought of an effective data protection solution which would not hinder their apps development process. And this is how high-level β€œboring” cryptographic open-source library Themis turned into reality 5 years ago.

Compared with other cryptographic libraries, Themis has ready-to-use blocks ("crypto-systems") that are designed to solve your use case ("encrypt data for storage") instead of getting you bogged down with crypto parameters.

You can add Themis to your app with 1 line of code.

Get a high-level solution made by cryptographers to developers


to start using Themis for mobile and web platforms, install Themis language wrapper for language you’re using in your application (Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, Java or JavaScript for WebAssembly).

Example for iOS app that uses CocoaPods, just add 1 line to your Podfile like this:

pod 'themis'

and then update or install your pods:

pod install

That is all.

πŸ’‘ Now you installed the library that solves 90% of typical data protection use cases common for most apps.

PS: installing Themis for server-side and desktop platforms (Go, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, JavaScript (for Node.js), Rust, C++, C) takes no long way too. Just install the core library for your OS, then install Themis language wrapper for your language.

Check out docs and examples to learn how to use your freshly obtained crypto-powers for good.

Easy-to-use and hard-to-misuse. πŸš€ Now just focus on your app.✨

Themis takes on data security, and you can just focus on your app

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