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Stackbit: Friendly Jamstack Websites & CMS Management

Stackbit: Friendly Jamstack Websites & CMS Management

One of the most significant challenges the Jamstack faces going forward is gaining a wider adoption and boosting accessibility.

Many indicators suggest that 2020 is the year where the community reaches this goal.

Take, for example, what Stackbit is currently developing to bring the management of Jamstack websites built with a static site generator and CMS to a whole new level.

In this post, I want to highlight the new features the Stackbit team has been rolling out lately:

  • Inline editing
  • Viewing & sharing site previews
  • Realtime site status

If it sounds like what’s been missing in your Jamstack setup and CMS, the following demo should be helpful.

Oh, and for team collaboration, these are game-changers. Jamstack projects that are user-friendly for developers and non-technical folks alike? Bring it on!

Let’s see what it’s all about.

What is Stackbit?


If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you might be asking yourself: “Haven’t you already introduced Stackbit as a building tool for Jamstack websites?”

You would be absolutely right.

The site builder still is up and running. However, the team behind Stackbit has been focusing on new features for its product in the last few months. The end goal of easing the access to the Jamstack to non-technical users still persists, though.

Going the Jamstack route and using a headless CMS offers many benefits in aspects like security and performance. However, the decoupled architecture means that users often struggle with simple tasks like updating text on pages or previewing edits they’re making.

Stackbit solves this by offering them a quick and easy means of editing content directly on the page and the ability to preview and share edits being made.

This kind of offering is pretty unique in the Jamstack space. For the moment, at least. Alternatively, TinaCMS is building something similar for the on-page editing experience.

On a broader scope, though, Stackbit sees itself competing more with the likes of Webflow or Squarespace. Even there, Stackbit distinguishes itself by integrating with the variety of services and open source tools that comprise the Jamstack rather than being a walled garden.

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