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Best TypeScript Courses to take up this lockdown season!
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Best TypeScript Courses to take up this lockdown season!

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links; our team may receive compensation if you purchase products or services from the different links provided in this article.

Typescript is a 'super-set' of Javascript. That means that if you already know Javascript, you are ready to take this course. Typescript adds in several important features to Javascript, including a type system. This type of system is designed to help you catch errors during development, rather than when you are running your code. That means you will be twice as productive by catching bugs earlier in development. But besides the type system, Typescript also provides several tools for structuring large codebases and writing truly reusable code.

TypeScript is an open-source language that provides support for building enterprise-scale JavaScript applications. Although several patterns exist that can be used to structure JavaScript, TypeScript provides container functionality that object-oriented developers are familiar with, such as classes and modules. It also supports strongly-typed code to ensure inappropriate values aren't assigned to variables in an application.

Thus, considering the dynamic nature and adaptability of Typescript, we have curated a list of Best Typescript Courses that you must take up in order to learn the skill.

1. Learn TypeScript (Ditch JavaScript)

Don't limit the Usage of TypeScript to Angular! Learn the Basics, its Features, Workflows and how to use it!

Course rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 ( 13,548 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Use TypeScript and its Features like Types, ES6 Support, Classes, Modules, Interfaces and much more in any of their Projects.
  • Understand what TypeScript really is about and how it works.
  • Why TypeScript offers a real advantage over vanilla JavaScript.
  • Learn TypeScript both in theory as well as applied to real use-cases and projects.
  • Learn how to combine TypeScript with ReactJS or NodeJS / Express.

You can take Learn TypeScript (Ditch JavaScript) Certificate Course on Udemy .

2. TypeScript Fundamentals

TypeScript Fundamentals walks you through the key concepts and features that you need to know to get started with TypeScript, and use it to build large (and small) scale JavaScript applications. Updated March 25, 2016 for TypeScript 1.8.

Course rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 ( 1847 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Walk through the key concepts and features that you need to know to get started with TypeScript,
  • and use it to build enterprise scale JavaScript applications.
  • You will learn the role that TypeScript plays as well as key features that will help jump-start the learning process.

You can take TypeScript Fundamentals Certificate Course on Pluralsight .

3. Typescript: The Complete Developer's Guide [2020]

Master Typescript by learning popular design patterns and building complex projects. Includes React and Express!

Course rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 ( 3,297 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Master design patterns for building large applications.
  • Integrate Typescript into React/Redux or Express projects.
  • Understand Composition vs Inheritance, and when to use each.
  • Write reusable code powered by classes and interfaces.
  • Assemble reusable boilerplates for your own Typescript projects.

You can take Typescript: The Complete Developer's Guide [2020] Certificate Course on Udemy .

4. TypeScript In-depth

This course will help you learn all of the major language features in the latest versions of TypeScript.

Course rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 ( 446 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Learn TypeScript basics such as the new syntax for variable declarations
  • and progress through all of the major features of the language including arrow functions, interfaces, classes, modules, namespaces, and generics.
  • Along the way, you will learn not only the syntax, but also the benefits of the strong-typing support in TypeScript. TypeScript is an amazing language that compiles to JavaScript and is a perfect tool for building both client and server-side web applications.

You can take TypeScript In-depth Certificate Course on Pluralsight .

5. Introduction to TypeScript Development

Get ready to build Angular 2 web and mobile applications by learning the TypeScript programming language.

Course rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 ( 1,239 Ratings total)

In this course, you will :

  • Be ready to move onto building Angular 2 applications..
  • Code with the TypeScript programming language..
  • Work with TypeScript classes and object oriented programming concepts.
  • working with closures, object oriented programming, real time asynchronous development, and decorators.

You can take Introduction to TypeScript Development Certificate Course on Udemy.

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