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Takuya Matsuyama
Takuya Matsuyama

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A quick way to make a beautiful presentation based on a popular syntax color scheme

I recently had to make a presentation for giving a talk at a conference.
But the Keynotes' default themes are not so great. Especially, I don't like the color schemes.
So I decided to make a theme for myself from scratch and here is the result:

Self introduction



I'm totally happy with it.

The color palette is borrowed from Horizon Theme made for Visual Studio Code:

Horizon theme

You can pick up colors from their color palette:

Color palette

And then, paste them into Keynote's palette so that you can quickly use them like so:

Color palette on Keynote

Very easy. You can copy and paste colors from your favorite syntax theme.


Published my theme on GitHub here:

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Top comments (4)

loujaybee profile image
Lou (🚀 Open Up The Cloud ☁️)

That is noiiiice.

nickseagull profile image
Nikita Tchayka

Never thought about doing this, will try picking some interesting coding theme for my next presentation and applying this. Perhaps with Monokai Night! :D

craftzdog profile image
Takuya Matsuyama

That will be awesome :)

isarisariver profile image

Looks great, thanks for sharing :)

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