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How to check if a browser window is inside of screens on Electron

Takuya Matsuyama
Indie developer based in Osaka, Japan. A solo dev of Inkdrop:
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If your Electron app remembers the last window position and restores it on launch, it may cause an issue for those who have a secondary screen.
Because secondary screens can be detached in a certain situation, the window can be outside of the screen when restoring the position but the screen was not connected.
To detect this, you can check if a given position is inside of any of the screens like so:

import { remote, ipcRenderer, BrowserWindow } from 'electron'
const { screen } = remote

function isWithinDisplayBounds(pos: { x: number, y: number }) {
  const displays = screen.getAllDisplays()
  return displays.reduce((result, display) => {
    const area = display.workArea
    return (
      result ||
      (pos.x >= area.x &&
        pos.y >= area.y &&
        pos.x < area.x + area.width &&
        pos.y < area.y + area.height)
  }, false)
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Then, if it's out of bounds, it should be moved into the primary screen:

const isOnScreen = isWithinDisplayBounds({ x, y })
const primaryScreenBounds = screen.getPrimaryDisplay().bounds
if (!isOnScreen) {
  x = (primaryScreenBounds.width - w) / 2
  y = (primaryScreenBounds.height - h) / 2
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