Which URL Shortener Tool Do You Use and Why?

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There are many URL shortener tools available in the market some are free and many require paid subscriptions to use their service.

Here are few URL shortener tools I already know about:

  • bitly,
  • tinyURL,
  • rebrandly,
  • shorturl.at
  • t.co - twitter

All the above tools are fast and secure, they also come with url hit tracker that let you know how many clicks your short links get.

But the URL shortener tool I use is longurl.in, created by me and is free to use.

I created my own URL shortener tool using and named it longURL.in. It is built using Next.js, Typescript, serverless and MongoDB cloud.


  • It is fast and secure, communication is happening through HTTPS,
  • It always generates the same short URL for the same long URL, I did because I wanted a one to one mapping for a long URL, so that the database space consumption is less.
  • Shortened URLs read the metadata of the long urls when shared in social networking sites so that the short links don't look like spam links. longurl.in-thumbnail
  • It is hosted in AWS cloud.

Not Implemented

  • It does not monitor how many hits a short URL gets.

Please comment which URL shortener tools do you use and why?

If you have any suggestion or feedback, please comment

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