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Tao Christopher Takahashi
Tao Christopher Takahashi

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It doesn't matter who you are. What you can do is the only thing that matters

Has anyone entered the software industry at a young age??? I have. I entered the software industry at 16 and its been two years. There were many challenges and hardships I've gone through. Ageism isn't only targeted at old people but young people too(aka. reverse ageism), especially where I live age is everything. Despite that I kept working hard applying to every company I can and it paid off. I finally have a relatively secure career and a good salary for my age and country. School wasn't really a path for me I hated it with all my heart. I love learning and researching but being locked up in a room without any freedom or the chance to make my own decisions really gave me severe depression. The wonderful thing about software engineering is no one cares where you came for or who you are. A lot of hiring managers have a "IF YOU CAN BUILD YOU'RE HIRED" mentality and I was saved by that. Moral of the story is that if you work hard and stay consistent it wont matter where you came from or who you are. Im from a single mother household and was not wealthy in anyway but my sheer will and ability to work for what I want got me here. So whoever is reading this, I hope this gave you hope in whatever you are pursuing. Im rooting for you.

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I have started at the age of 12. never stopped. Now 35 and I am still in the industry.
I can confirm these hardships were there due to age.
You don’t only need to code though. soft skills are very important.
Add them to your learning path too, this will help a lot.
And congrats! Keep pushing, learning and building.

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Tao Christopher Takahashi

Yeah I agree. I wasn't very good with soft skills but I tried a lot and now I'm pretty extroverted and communicative. It really does help.