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Javascript: a kids game

Hi everybody, thanks for visiting my first post.

Since I've been working with JavaScript using different frameworks such as Angular, Vue and Expressjs for several years, I realized that I had forgotten some elemental concepts of native scripting.

Frameworks can make you more productive simplifying the common features that every application must have. But also can turn you a bit rusted about the fundamentals of the chosen programming language.

I have a three years old son who likes to play table games. Obviously, these games don't represents a difficulty for an adult person, but I took the oportunity to practice vanilla JavaScript at the frontend developing a simple memory game.

I share it because I think it could be useful for beginners developers as study case of the JavaScript's basics.

Feel free to make your own changes and PR's here:

I also used Vite as the builder. If you don't know what Vite is about, I highly recommend to checkout its documentation. It makes a bundle of your code using native ES Modules and making faster the hot reloading on dev time. Is very easy to use and has a lot of advantages. It supports Typescript out of the box, is extensible by plugins and highly configurable.

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Simon Holdorf

Thanks for sharing!