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Why Design patterns are so important to mobile devs!!

I was wondering and thinking a lot these days, how important is for a mobile developer to know some principles about Oriented object programming, clean code, and design patterns.
Learning about this thing can make a developer's career increase a lot, there are a ton of jobs that need someone that knows how to use the things that I mentioned if you have at least a knowledge about design patterns and how and when to use them, probably you will be the first choice in a technical interview.

To make this more clear, take a look at how we use this in flutter with dart, react native with typescript, Kotlin, java, and swift. All of those languages will always have something in common, if you have a good base with programming, you have everything.

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It's a good skillset to have, but it can be a double sided sword, in some cases, if they're not fully understood. But in general it's worth knowing them and how and when to make use of them.

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Subbu Lakshmanan

So True. Learning the design patterns can help any developer irrespective of any platform/language. But I have seen it happen when a developer doesn't fully understand the problem at hand and trying to use a random design pattern to magically solve the problem, sort of like putting a round peg on a square hole!

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Andrew Baisden

True a good design pattern is essential for creating robust applications.

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Really interesting.
Thanks for sharing!