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Eagle Eye - Grow your DevTool by engaging with content

90% of developers visit online communities to get help when they are stuck (Stack Overflow, 2020). It’s safe to say that communities are the lifeline of the developer world. It’s where developers explore new products, ask questions to peers, and make buying decisions.

However, starting and growing developer communities around your DevTool is hard work. Developers don't respond well to traditional marketing. They don't like to be sold to, are active on specific social platforms, and trust their peers more than anything else. Therefore, ads, whitepapers, or cold emails have notoriously low conversion rates.

What does work well is building relationships with developers based on common interests. One of the most effective ways to do this is to spot content related to your DevTool and insert yourself in the conversation.

That’s why we built Eagle Eye (live on Product Hunt today!).

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Eagle Eye lets you discover and engage with the most relevant content in your developer niche. It continuously monitors 10+ developer-focused platforms and generates a personalized feed for you to jump into discussions and add value. If you demonstrate expertise, developers will get curious and check out your profile, learning more about your DevTool.

‍Eagle Eye will help you never miss a discussion in your developer niche or even about your product. It’s an organic and systematic way to grow your DevTool and will bring you a long way in developer adoption if used consistently.

If you would like to support us 👉 Product Hunt Launch 🚀

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Elli (Einav Laviv)

Congrats. It's very much needed as there are tons of discussions and questions across communities and outlets .... it's impossible to observe and monitor all of them :)