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Daniel Crewdson
Daniel Crewdson

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Tailwind Nord plugin!

Recently I've been using the Nord theme in more and more of my projects, and I noticed myself repeating the same procedure at the start of each one. Setting up my tailwind.config.js to use the Nord palette for the colours. Which can be a pretty lengthy process copying the values back and forth.

To get around this, I have written a super tiny plugin for Tailwindcss that pulls in the Nord palette and uses the colour names as described by the maintainers of Nord. (e.g nord0, nord11 etc etc)

This was purely made for myself, but hopefully it can help some of you out!

Grab it through npm: npm i tailwind-nord
Or check out the repo for more details: Tailwind Nord

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Daniel Crewdson

I've become obsessed with it!