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When do i use ruby on rails ?

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I am trying to put together the best possible web development process for a team i am trying to build. I am completely self taught web developer and whats most confusing for me is choosing the development stack. I have built complex websites with just vue js and firebase only. I have also built websites with just webflow, vuex and firebase only.

But i have no idea if this is the efficient way. I heard ruby on rails makes web development easier with its MVC model. If i have to learn it i will, but is it necessary ?

What role does ruby on rails play in the whole web development process? and if i can build a website without it, why should i use it ? What exactly is the best development stack if you are building a website like etsy or instagram ?

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Diogo Ferreira • Edited

Ruby on Rails is a tool that makes it easy to build web apps. You can do a web app all in Ruby on Rails or you can do only the API and have clients consume it, or you can mix both.

The big advantage is that you will have more control over tools like firebase.

You should choose it if your team likes the language (ruby), framework and community. Other MVC frameworks and languages available with different communities like Laravel (PHP) or Django (Python).

You basically can do all kind of apps on it. But there are some use cases that don’t fit so well.
For example, if you need to build a highly concurrent app, with a lot of threads and sockets connections like messaging app. Tools like elixir will do a more efficient job.

I’m very bullish about Ruby and Ruby on Rails because I love the community. There are a lot of smart people and resources to learn.

I’m also currently building a product,, with Ruby on Rails.

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