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Top 10 Android devices will not be getting Google’s next big update

The soon to commence Google’s IO developer’s conference will see some of the big decisions this time around. The company is one of the giants and surely the biggest one to have its roots on the Android devices. Every now and then it comes up with new and some of the fantastic apps, that have changed the view of ours to a great extent. But at this conference, the giant will not deliver updates to few of its apps.

The Google has started rolling out the developer’s preview of some of its latest Android operating system Android P. Along with this, the company has revealed that it will not offer updated to few of its smart phones. And such decisions are not a common talk for the giant.

Why did the company come up with this idea?

Well, there is no such sadistic reason behind the same. The company has a policy and it is following the same. Few of the products that came in the year 2015 have a clear cut validity, that after the three years the Google cannot guarantee updates to them. The company is known for the best quality services to the users out there across the globe.
And the way, it put back the step to not give updates to few of the products is actually a sad thing. It is more or less on the hands of the developer that is the Google, to look for the updates. It may be the case the company has been looking for some new models to come up with. And merely giving updates to the products will shed the surprise of the new products to come in the market.

How will it execute?

Execution of the idea is rather quite simple. It will involve the products to discontinue the updates, which usually comes up every now and then to enhance the user experience. In the steps unfolded the new products will be discontinued from the updates and in the subsequent ones, new ones will go through the phase. And soon will cover the whole spectrum of the products.

How are they?

Most of the products in the line came up in the year 2015. And all of them are doing quite well in this time around. Let’s see the products, will see the debarring from the updates.

Nexus 5X,
Nexus Player,
Nexus 6P,
Nexus 6,
Nexus 9 LTE,
Nexus was launched with the view to take on the attention of the buyers out there.
Google Pixel C
Google Pixel
Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel is a product to have an upper footing on the Android devices.
The Google Nexus website has already stated about the same earlier also.
Google Pixel and the related products will get the security and other important updates from the company, however.

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