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Recommended book for being a great leader - Leaders eat last

Today I want to share to you guys about a book for how to be come a great leader in this modern day.

This book I got recommendation from my previous manager. So I gave it a try, and after finished reading it, I can tell you will not regret reading it.

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So what's in it and why it's great. I will go over some notes from the book.

I.What is a leader:

Leadership is an option, not a rank.

Being a leader, doesn't mean that you're at a higher level than anyone, and you feel you're better than anyone.

Being a leader, in deed, is your option. You can even be a regular staff, but if you want to help someone, want to guide others, want to give your hands to others in tough times, you are a leader.

Being a leader, you gotta go to the tough things first, not point your fingers.

Being a leader, that's your responsibility that you need to take care of others in your team / your organization.

Being a leader, you will do something, not because that will help you to grow in your career ladder, but because it will help others.

And when you've done all that, you will get respect from others

II.Real life examples in the book:

There is a case about a team leader of a US army when they're in the field in Iraq.

You can read the story in the book.

But in short, this hero is determined, cared for others even though it meant that his life will be risky.

That's a hero, an example for being a leader.

Leadership is about sacrificing first, not earning.

III.Create a family, brotherhood/sisterhood in your team:

In the so-called offices, companies in general, we often see each other as colleagues.

We will put our life first.

But in order to make the team/company go further, we need to create a family in the team.

That means when someone get sick, someone got tough things, other will care.

We will care and expect no return, because when we do that, we know if we got into that same situation, other in the family will take care of us.

That's it.
Highly recommended the book.
Just give it a try

Here is the link in amazon

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