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College Reaction Polling

College Reaction is hiring a part-time web engineer. This is a great starting opportunity to showcase technical skills, working with a small team on projects that are discussed on the national stage. College Reaction Polling has been featured in the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Axios, and other sources.

The ideal developer for this project will have a strong understanding of front-end development and have experience writing custom webpack configurations. This project is built with preact; a compact component-based module that uses the React API and shares similar lifecycle methods to React with some notable differences (a detailed comparison can be found at Additionally the project uses mobx and mobx-react-form for state management and form handling.

Necessary Skills/Experience:

- Experience with preact or a strong React background 

- Experience with custom webpack configurations

- Experience with Mobx or similar state management systems (Redux, etc)

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