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Daily Developer Jokes
Daily Developer Jokes

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Daily Developer Jokes - Saturday, Jan 18, 2020

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This joke comes from Dad-Jokes GitHub Repo by Wes Bos (thank you!), whose owner has given me permission to use this joke with credit.

Discussion (7)

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Paul Strobach

Why not IPsters?

tdsan profile image
tdsan • Edited

My mother introduced me to the internet when I was a child in the fourth grade, 1978. We had a commodore 64 in a 9 Baud modem which we connected. The software we use was called prodigy. It was a email application in which we emailed doctors on UNC campus oh, she was a nurse and she worked directly with the ER staff.

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Humberto A Sanchez II


debeerdb profile image

Hahaha, very funny jokes as always.

lonestargeek profile image

Remember 1995? Yeah, that's when I started my first internet site. That's before some of you were born.

jeankaplansky profile image
Jean Kaplansky

Yeah. I started my first dev services job at a startup in the summer of 1995.

Not quite the โ€œplaying viola in an orchestraโ€ job I intended to land, but it does pay for creature comforts like housing and heat, etc.

twcook profile image
Tim Cook • Edited

RelayNet. Yeah, it was after the advent of USENET because we were radical P2P.

HTTPsters were late bloomers.