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How to record your iPhone screen with a Macbook

While doing yesterday's article about console.log on Chrome for iOS, I needed to screen record my iOS device.
I started looking at which app could help me with this process.

It turns out it's super simple with a pre-installed Mac application. All you have to do is connect your iOS device to your Macbook.

Screenrecord iPhone with Quicktime for Mac

Record iPhone screen with Quicktime for Mac

First, open the Quicktime application on your Macbook.

The next step is to connect your iPhone with the lightning cable to your Macbook. (Depending on your Macbook, you might need a converting hub).

With the iPhone connecting, click Quicktime player menu -> File -> New Movie Recording.

Quicktime movie recording

You can also see the option for "Screen recording", but that will only do your Mac screen.

Once you clicked the Movie Recording option, you should see a block saying "The camera is off".

Quicktime option

If you hover this block, it will give you some options.
We need to click the little arrow next to the record button.

Quicktime arrow

Clicking this arrow will show you some options, and if your iPhone is connected, it will be an input source.

iPhone screen capture using Quicktime on Mac

Once selected, it shows the current screen of your iPhone.

iPhone in Quicktime

And there you go, we now have the option to present or screen capture our iPhone on our Macbook.

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