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Cool minecraft plugin! ITEMSADDER

This is all serious!

I got acquainted with the wonderful ItemsAdders plugin, this plugin allows you to make new items, blocks, weapons, potions on yml markup, in general, anything you want, even planes and cars!!!

This plugin is like a framework that helps us do wonderful things. Everything we want can be done effortlessly, without any problems, just by prescribing the type of object, its properties, if desired, enchantment and texture (taken from your texture pack, about this separately).

To begin with, I will show you screenshots of images from the plugin page and a link to this plugin:


The cost of the plugin

The main problem of the plugin is its cost, it costs h 16.95 EUR, although I can say it's not very expensive for such a cool plugin, and I can say from hearsay that it's like 1-2 times to go to McDonald's :)


I repeat, everything is possible here, from the usual sword texture, to cars, planes and new workbenches with their own mechanics.
This plugin is well optimized, it can even compete with a huge number of mods, and the big plus is that it works without mods, and the server does not load from the word at all (for all the time of my game I have never experienced discomfort).

Texture pack

I mentioned that you use your own texture pack, this is not a joke, you will need to make ready-made textures or models, but do not rush to form them into a ready-made pack, because the texture pack structure of the ItemsAdder is different.

Lessons on YouTube

I will teach lessons on this wonderful plugin on my YouTube channel, unfortunately they will be in Russian, for many it will be a minus:(
But I also created a repository on github, where I will post ready-made templates of all types of items, I will attach the link later, as soon as everything is ready and I will be able to make sure that I put only allowed materials on display!

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