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Dima Gashuk
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Getting to know me


🌎 Hello world!

This is a dating post so that everyone who was interested in me could get to know me :)

πŸ”₯ What I am fond of

At the moment I work by profession as a web developer, my knowledge is still small, but I always try to come up with something, improve or make an innovation for myself, even though my strength is small, I believe that I can study everything very well!
Most of the time I write in PHP, but at home I also teach JS, namely node.js (express.js) and React

🎬 Public life

I have my own YouTube channel, at some time I was reviewing the creation of 3D models for minecraft texture packs, but soon I will completely redo it for a new one, even ideas and ideas have already appeared, I will blog, in general I will live in a new way :)
Here is his logo:
I study with friends in college, but we often call it sharaga, and
since we want to study new guys in our industries together and teach at the same time, we decided to call the channel Sharaga IT.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Speaking of guys

It so happened that we are all Russians. The guys are masters of 1C, and if you delve into it, you can easily understand that there are no good lessons on 1C as such, so I hope that many will watch us because of such exclusive content!!!

πŸŽ– Gratitude

Thank you for spending your time on me, I am very grateful to you!!!
I will be glad if you also subscribe to me on github, in return I will subscribe in response to you!
Links to all social networks will be below:

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